The SQ:CultureHub was a place designed for Conscious, Creative, and Authentic people. A place where creatives from all demographics came together and shared perspectives and experiences. They learned more about how to work with creativity harmoniously. Where they worked on their dreams and connected with others. We found a space and designed and built the place by ourselves in a lean and agile way. Inspired by the feelings and insights of psychedelic experiences. 


My responsibilities::
Creating the brand / Creating the business structure / Project management, planning / Marketing (digital, physical, social media) / Interior design and producing of physical space /  Manager / Community building / Event organization / Creating Partnerships and business expansion / Digital Media


My co-founder and me knew from our own experience that being a creative isn't always easy. There is way more than just the creative part. You struggle with very human issues like, work-life balance, insecurities, lack of network, and definitely more. Being a good professional means more than creating quality work. To us, it means knowing how to work and live with creative energy in a harmonious way. We wanted to create a place where all the challenges of this very human side of life as a creative would be normal to discuss.

And maybe even forgotten for a moment? We knew that a lot of these problems came from a lack of understanding of how to work with his creative energy. So we wanted to give them a better understanding, and different perspectives. We wanted them to get the realizations and feelings that would improve their life. Kind of like a dream or psychedelic trip, but without them having to sleep, or take any substance.

So we thought about it. What would this target group need? And what would such a place feel like. We found out: They wanted to work, grow and play. So we arranged everything around these pillars. We got the opportunity to rent a space. We started designing and building everything our selves. Our service was that we had a space with delicious food and drinks. Where you were welcome to chill and work. So the basics were there. We then created ways for people to organize their own events. And we started organizing events and courses where all our goals would come together. People from all walks coming together, forgetting time and place, learning from each others' experiences and perspectives. Focussing their energy on each other and on the most beautiful creative works.



One of the things I loved the most is that our visitors really felt and got what we were doing. And our project did indeed improve their lives. I remember people literally saying what we hoped for. "It felt as if I was on a vacation."Wow, I forgot the time!" "This is the first time I felt like home since I live in Rotterdam." "I'm so glad I met x and what I learned from him."

We created many, many events such as Jam-sessions, Network events, Art markets, Dogcafe's, Comic Nights, Philosophy Nights, Workshops, Diner events, Game nights, Psychedelic nights, Spoken Word, Self-improvement courses, Theater, Music performances and more. 

It was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Both personally and professionally. I'm very happy to have had the chance to work with and improve on so many of my skills and hobbies such as Administration, Project Management, Sales, Service Industry, Partnerships, Design, Strategy, Marketing (digital and physical), Branding, CEO responsibilities Music, Cooking, Photography, Videography.